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Healthier Alternatives to Halloween Treats

Readers’s Digest Identifies Healthier Alternatives to Halloween Treats.
With Halloween next month, Reader’s Digest identifies 12 healthier alternatives to the “bucket loads of sugary sweets” many will be handing out.
For example, the article recommends handing our sugar-free gum as a “sweet alternative to candy”, stating that “chewing it for 20 minutes after eating can actually help prevent tooth decay, according to American Dental Association.”
Reader’s Digest also recommends the following non-candy Halloween treat: glow sticks, water bottles, plastic toys, craft materials, costume accessories, bubbles, key chains, temporary tattoos, festive jewelry, hot chocolate or instant apple cider packets and savory snacks. provides additional information on chewing gum to prevent dental cavities. The ADA also provides a list of sugar-free gum with the ADA seal of Acceptance