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Dental Cavities or Caries is an infectious disease caused by acid-forming bacteria found in dental plaque in the presence of sugar.

Caries progression is dependent upon many personal factors like oral hygiene, diet, saliva, fluoride exposure, education, socio-economic status and behavior.

Caries can also be treated non-surgically if detected and diagnosed at early stages.

To detect and diagnose the disease at an early state and to develop individualized treatment strategies, please schedule your appointment with Dr. Chandy at Aegis Dental by calling 972-492-6700.

What are the preventative factors for dental caries:

  • Fluoridated water.
  • Good oral hygiene.
  • Daily flossing.
  • Use of fluorides : toothpastes, rinses.
  • Good Salivary flow.
  • Use of anti-cavity or remineralizing agents.

What are the risk factors for dental caries:

  • Frequent intake of fermentable carbohydrates.
  • Health history : Autoimmune diseases (eg. Sjogren’s syndrome), hyposalivary medication, radiation therapy, physical disability, eating disorder/GERD.
  • High plaque index.
  • Crowding of teeth.
  • Use of appliances.
  • Subnormal salivary flow.